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IPhone More And More Thin? LED Chip Power
Mar 27, 2017

According to WeiPhone latest reports, in order to design the next generation of iPhone thinner, LED backlight chip Apple will use a smaller size, the new iPhone chips will use iPhone6 and iPhone6 than the Plus chip 0.2 mm thinner.

TrendForce reported earlier on the news, now the news exposure more details on the LED backlight LED backlight chip chip, the next-generation iPhone specifications will be 0.4t (3 x 0.85 x 0.4mm), and LED backlight chip available for 0.6T (3 x 0.85 x 0.6mm), the existing backlight chip the advantage of the brightness of more than 10% 0.4t, which means that Apple needs to use more chips can make the brightness of next-generation iPhone and existing models of flat. Recently, a lot of information on the LED backlight chip, it seems that this year Apple will have a significant change in backlight components.

The LED chip to do thin, which means that apple can create a thinner iPhone, while the increase in internal space for the use of a larger battery foreshadowed. For fruit powder, this time of year is the most tangled, because a wave of rumors about the new iPhone will be struck, whether it is reliable, can only wait for the release of the new iPhone to say.