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In February, The Global LED Bulb Prices Continued To Fall, European And American Markets Actively Promote Filament Lamp
May 22, 2017

Dramexchange consulting LED Research Center (LEDinside) latest price report pointed out that the global LED bulb price continued to fall in February 2017, to replace the 40 watt incandescent bulb LED retail price fell 0.6%, to $6.8; to replace 60 watt incandescent bulb LED retail price fell 2.1% to $8.2.

LEDinside analyst Yu Bin said, because of the characteristics of filament lamps with high luminous efficiency, luminous flux in the same power, low price is lower than the market price, so the market in February in Europe and the low price of new products, manufacturers actively promote the filament type bulb, but also the overall market prices fell significantly in Europe and America area.

Raw material prices, China LED packaging prices

China LED package, due to low power LED chip supply crunch, some manufacturers began to rise after the Spring Festival, such as the beginning of February announced the LED product Linsen lighting price increase of 15%, other manufacturers have raised prices. Prices of the products are mainly 2835 LED products, 0.2 watts and 0.5 watts are up 1.2%; 3030 and 5630, product prices have not changed significantly.

High luminous efficiency and low price, and lead the new direction of filament lamp

Replace the 40 watt bulb, prices in Europe and the United States, Germany, the United States fell 5%, 6.1% decline in Britain fell by 1.2%, the majority of products market prices steady, few products are in price promotion. In addition, Europe and the United States have some low-priced new products listed, such as PHILPS launched four new products in February, are filament lamps.

Chinese mainland manufacturers OPPLE also began to layout their own brand market in Europe and America, in February in Europe listed two new products, the price is far below the market average price. In Asia, Japan's price increases of 2.9%, including some of the products sold at the end of last year, such as Toshiba 4.9 watt 485 lumens bulb, rose 24% to 5.82 U. s.dollars. Chinese, a 1.7% decline in value, the majority of product prices steady, the products with obvious price promotion, such as the PHILPS 6 watt bulb 500 lumens, 10 pack price of $29, a decline of 20%. Prices in South Korea and Taiwan, China, remain stable.

Replace part of 60 watt bulb, in Europe and America area price, Germany drops 5.2%, the United States drops 3.9%, England drops 5%. Some products in the United States under the promotion of obvious price reduction, such as CREE 13.5 watt 800 lumens bulb, 6, the price dropped to $22.97, a decline of 19%. Britain and Germany, in some products low-priced promotions and low-priced new products under the listing, the market price fell. Japan fell 2.4%, the price of other Asian steady.