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Hishine Group Limited:Novel AC LED Products Made Of Luminescent Materials
Mar 18, 2017

LED lighting is the second revolution of incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, which is recognized as the most efficient lighting industry in the world.

By the Research Institute of Applied Chemistry Changchun Chinese (hereinafter referred to as the Changchun Research Institute) afterglow luminescent materials of rare earth LED controllable life completed in cooperation with the Sichuan Limited by Share Ltd Sony light "and its application in semiconductor lighting in the results, the day before Jilin won the technical invention award.

"The existing LED lighting source using DC as a driver, in the work must be AC, DC power conversion, energy consumption, poor heat dissipation, high cost." Research Fellow at the Institute of Applied Chemistry Changchun China Li Chengyu told the "China Science News" reporter: "the development of new lighting products can be directly used LED AC drive is the benefit of the people, great demand to promote the development of LED lighting industry."

For the LED directly is AC driven when the luminous stroboscopic problems of the world, Research Institute of the Sichuan Changchun Sony light limited cooperation in 2008 launched a new type of AC LED lighting technology.

street light

After more than 6 years of unremitting exploration and development, the team developed a luminous material as the core of the new AC LED technology. According to Li Chengyu introduction, the technology has reached the international advanced level, so that China has become the world's only able to use light emitting material production frequency flicker AC LED products in the country, promoted the exchange of China LED, especially in scientific research and industry development level of rare earth luminescent materials LED.

At present, the project has successfully in Sichuan Sony light Limited by Share Ltd and Limited by Share Ltd (Changchun), photoelectric transformation, the formation of the four major categories of products, lamps downlight, lights, spotlights, and successfully applied to the family, subway, shopping malls, hospitals and other areas.

Li Chengyu introduction, the technology product circuit is simple, low cost, good heat dissipation, high energy efficiency, long service life, can improve the life of more than 1 times, energy consumption and cost were reduced by more than 15% and above. At present, the products have passed the relevant certification in China, and the United States, European unity Underwriters Laboratory Certification, and exported to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Brazil and other countries, has achieved remarkable economic benefits.

It is reported that the results of the project has selected "2013 Chinese rare earth science and Technology Press, ten, won the 2012 British Institute of engineering and Technology (IET)" energy innovation "and" building "two nomination award, 2013 annual" golden kangaroo "World Innovation Award, has obtained 4 China invention patent authorization, PCT (3 the patent cooperation agreement) international patent applications in a number of countries have entered the trial stage.