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FOLED Light Engine Debut Into A New Wave Of Lighting Applications Market
Apr 14, 2017

The traditional lighting source to collocation lampshade and optical design made of lamps, regardless of shape or application are more limited, but now there is a new choice of lighting, not only can be directly used as a light source lamp, but also thin and flexible, subversion of traditional lighting design concept, to develop a broader market for lighting applications.

Chinese Taiwan ITRI in this year's "Taiwan International Lighting Technology Exhibition", for the first time released a flexible type "FOLED" (Flexible OLED) light engine, using flexible substrate technology to develop natural light light weight only 8 grams, less than 0.6 mm thick. Unlike in the past OLED mainly to the development of glass substrates, the use of soft board technology FOLED with light and flexible characteristics, not only in the design of more diverse, more widely used, but also more in line with the requirements of the lighting design plant.

FOLED light engine debut into a new wave of lighting applications market

Figure: FOLED light engine above the black structure for the electronic interface, with the box design integration FOLED interface, the overall size of 5x20 cm

In the development of new lighting at the same time, it is easy to design considerations, "it must consider two points, the first is the mechanism to link second is easy to control, easy to drive," ITRI electro-optical system research institute deputy director Dr. Hu Jiping believes that these design considerations will be extended when the obstacles therefore, in the development of the FOLED Research Institute, also designed the corresponding electronic interface mechanism.

"FOLED ultra-thin structure is easy in bending damage, so the collocation box integrated design of FOLED interface, support the formation of function, structure and design of electromechanical light engine, as long as the connected wire can use," Hu kihei said the future will further improvement of electronic institutions, smaller lighter, will be more "no sense". ITRI FOLED light engine scheme has been implemented for three or four years, is now close to the production stage, but also with the cooperation of more than and 10 Taiwan factory, including upstream material factory, factory equipment, downstream designers, lighting factory and so on, are still actively seeking cooperation opportunities for domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Hu Jiping stressed the good congenital conditions in Taiwan area China development of OLED lighting, especially the sea pipeline was good and bad with the advantages of importing new light source will be very bad. And for the cost of OLED lighting, he believes that OLED itself is not only light source lamps, lamps should be viewed from the perspective of OLED lighting. OLED thin and flexible characteristics, the future in the car, home, business and other markets have great potential for development, after the market gradually spread, the cost is expected to further reduce the scale of a certain mass production.