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Cree Chip Automatic Street Light, Control, Cool White
Jun 27, 2016
LED street light

Product details:
  • Innovation point: 

  1. With all aluminum positive and other cooling technology, perfect and efficient solution to the problem of LED heat dissipation, greatly extend the life of light source.

  2. Free from dust, water design, reduce the pressure of cleaning and maintenance, suitable for outdoor environment.

  3. Ultra-thin shape design, easy storage and maintenance.

  4. high-pressure cast aluminum shell molding of the paint processing, strong corrosion resistance.

  5. Protection level up to IP65.

  6. High-pressure cast aluminum fin and shell integration, durable, impact resistance. Radiator and LED light source with zero distance contact, an innovative modular fin group optimization duct, effectively increases the heat radiating area, with the whole lamp cooling technology, the perfect solution to the problem of heat dissipation.

  7. Multiple power options: including 30W, 60W, 90W, 120W, 150W, 180W, six models of heat sink product portfolio, according to the use of the site needs to choose the appropriate heat sink.

  • Forward looking design, excellent performance

  1. Slim, silver classic look

  2. Protection class IP65, using a silicone ring sealing process, the protection level of IP65, completely prevent dust intrusion, heavy rain in the water.

  3. Through a professional wind tunnel test, the maximum wind speed is 56m/s, that is, the 16 level of the hurricane. No deformation, loosening and other phenomena, very strong.

  4. Independent power supply design, drive power supply position split design, not affected by the temperature of the LED lamp body, improve the efficiency of the power supply, stability and life, but also to facilitate the daily maintenance.

  5. The shell of the paint processing, radiator with anodic oxidation treatment, in the surface form protective layer, greatly improve the corrosion resistance, suitable for harsh outdoor environment.

  • LED street light application:

  1. Tunnel, subway, underground lighting

  2. Gymnasium, sports stadium lighting

  3. Building, billboard lighting

  4. Gas station, garage lighting

  5. Park, garden lighting

  6. Workshop, factory lighting

  7. Warehouse, storage lighting

  8. Yard, square lighting

  9. Road, highway lighting

  10. Station, dock lighting and others