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What's ZigBee Dimmable?
Jun 25, 2016

ZigBee Dimmable

Zigbee is a kind of brand-new, focus on low power consumption, low cost, low complexity and low rate of short-range wireless communication technology.Is also a big focus in the embedded application.
1, Low power consumption in a low-power standby mode, 2 number 5 dry cell can support 1 node work 6 ~ 24 months, or longer.This is prominent advantages of Zigbee.In comparison, bluetooth can work for several weeks, WiFi can work hours.
2, Low cost, By greatly simplify protocol (less than 1/10 of the bluetooth), reduced the demand for communication controller, according to the forecast analysis, with 8051 8-bit microcontroller, full-featured master node need to 32 KB code, subfunction node as little as 4 KB code, and Zigbee protocol royalty free.
3, Low rate of Zigbee work in communication rate of 250 KBPS, meet the demand of low rate data transmission applications.
4, Close range generally between 10 to 100 m, after increasing the RF transmission power, can also be increased to 1 ~ 3 km.This refers to the distance between adjacent nodes.If through the relay routing and communication between the nodes, transmission distance can be further.
5, Short time delay Zigbee response speed faster, generally only from the sleep into working state 15 ms, node is connected into the network only 30 ms, further saving the electricity.In comparison, bluetooth need 3 ~ 10 s, WiFi, 3 s.
6, High-capacity Zigbee can use stellate, flake and mesh network structure, is managed by a master node number of child nodes, up to a master node can manage 254 child node;The master node at the same time also can be made of a layer of network node management of up to 65000 nodes in the net.
7, High security Zigbee provides three-level security pattern, including no security setting, use the access control list (ACL) to prevent illegal access to data, and USES the advanced encryption standard (either AES128) symmetrical password, flexible to determine its security properties.
8, Unlicensed spectrum Using direct sequence spread spectrum in industrial medical science 2.4 GHz (global) (ISM) band.