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Upstream deep price surge, LED screen enterprises are brewing a price war? 双语对照
Mar 23, 2017

high bay light K2

2017 years, LED display industry raw material prices as years ago the industry expected that a rising, especially in mid February, the rally is scary, since March the prices of raw materials, shortage situation intensified, according to industry analysts, NPC and CPPCC, PCB and other raw materials prices will continue to rise.

Upstream raw materials a round of price frenzy is no longer the "news", in the second half of 2016 industry experience "price boom" baptism, some industry insiders have said the next LED display terminal products price trend bullish.

Logically, whether it is standing in the industry point of view or the user's point of view, raw material prices will increase the downstream LED display enterprise cost pressure, reasonable price range is undoubtedly the best way to transfer pressure.

After entering 2017, the thought that shortly after the LED screen enterprises will be able to usher in a wave of rational price surge, especially in March. He fired the first shot of LED display enterprises opening price, announced its head series single red, single white, single green, blue, bright red single collective raised a 3 yuan after estimation many people are waiting for the downstream screen prices are rising prices of the wind was more intense.

However, at this time, but came one after another screen prices price of the wind, in the current price of raw materials soared under the environment of the downstream enterprises screen trend, some people cannot read.

Close to monochromatic series rose 3 yuan / Zhang

In March 6th, a LED company joined the ranks of product price: to announce its door series: single red, single white, green, blue, colorful single single red price increase of 3 yuan / Zhang, other color series price temporarily stable.

Monochrome series display, as a LED screen entry, shear constantly reason is still chaos, the practicality of the product, has maintained a price trend over the years.

Today, the price of raw materials continued to rise and the order of the surge in demand for the market relationship, the price seems to be inevitable.

The price increase, I believe will lead dealers and engineering partners out of the low profit competition, bringing new opportunities and challenges.

Mitsuo Aurora listed, to raise funds to invest 6 projects

In March 17th, LED lighting company Aurora hung three official landing gem, IPO starting to raise funds 1 billion 351 million yuan.

Auroral the public offering of 70 million shares, the public offering of 70 million shares, the issue price of 19.30 yuan / share, the new shares to raise funds 1 billion 351 million yuan, the transfer of the old shares capital of 0 yuan, the total issued share capital of 280 million shares.

Three male aurora is mainly engaged in green lighting, lighting and lighting control products R & D, production and sales. 2016 year, the company achieved operating income of 1 billion 897 million yuan, net profit of $246 million 553 thousand and 100.

As the G20-LED Lighting Summit member enterprises, enterprises in the future planning, green energy-efficient lighting products will continue to adhere to the auroral R & D, production and marketing of high quality, especially the LED intelligent lighting products.

At the same time, for the LED home lighting market demand continues to expand, the company intends to increase investment in research and development, production and marketing of LED home lighting products.

Low refractive index domestic packaging glue to achieve 100% localization

LED packaging adhesive is an electronic chemicals, is a supporting material for the LED industry, in recent years, the global LED industry gradually shifted to China, the domestic LED chip and LED packaging production in the world to occupy an increasingly high proportion.

The attendant is to improve the LED packaging demand, along with the rapid development of domestic LED industry, the domestic LED plastic packaging products have been in the low-end products fully replaced the imported packaging glue, high-end market is also showing the trend of import substitution.

LED engineering production and Research Institute (GGII) statistics show that in 2016 the domestic packaging overall market size of about 1 billion 600 million, in which the low refractive index of domestic packaging basically achieved 100% domestically, and the high refractive index of domestic plastic package has to occupy the domestic market share of 60%, but there are still many domestic low-end glue homogenization, brand recognition is not high, these problems need to be improved.

In 2016, because the price of chemical raw materials and the rise of LED industry to stabilize rebound, LED plastic package prices in the second half of 2016 prices began to climb, the size of the market began to gradually improve.

But because the domestic relates to LED packaging adhesive area in small and medium sized companies, most of these companies do not have their own core technology, the fierce competition in the low-end market is still plastic package, while the high-end packaging adhesive with excellent performance is dominated by a small number of domestic and foreign companies with strong technical strength.

The recent rapid development of LED chip technology and LED package technology, CSP package, emerge in an endless stream of ultraviolet LED package, large power LED package, heavy powder packaging, small pitch LED package technology, the LED packaging adhesive barrier properties, thermal shock resistance and moisture absorption properties and heat resistance were put forward more stringent requirements, domestic manufacturers of plastic package packaging technology and need to follow the development of chip technology to adjust their products, in order to ensure that the company in advance in the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore.



  高工产研LED研究所(GGII )统计数据显示,LED照明行业在经历了四年的高速增长后, 2016年增速有所放缓,全年中国LED照明行业实现产值2590亿元,同比增长24%。