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PHILPS adversity Transformation: pushing the full range of LED solutions
Mar 17, 2017

On February 28th, after the 2016 largest loss in 10 years after a global strategic transformation of PHILPS has yet to see the dawn of the transformation, now the Holland electronics giant will be more attention to China.

flood light

At present, PHILPS will be the main business can be divided into three sections of healthcare, lighting and small appliances, lighting business as the focus of the transformation of the lighting, PHILPS today announced the launch of a full range of LED lighting in China solutions: including the jincui "(PureDetail) commercial lighting solutions, PowerBalance Office lighting solutions. And the landscape, roads, shopping malls and other 5 schemes.

Liang Hanfeng, President of PHILPS Greater China, said the company will focus on the light originality did not see the theme for Chinese local users to provide more meaningful solutions.

In recent years, commercial lighting is ushering in a field from traditional lighting to LED lighting the great changes, including LED lighting diode technology to process from the package to the application of small and medium-sized enterprises, in the battlefield is not associated with GE, SIEMENS, PHILPS such giants compete, it also gives the above company more international expansion the opportunity.

Data show that PHILPS 2016 full year revenue of EUR 22 billion 579 million, an increase of 1.3%, after the divestiture of the TV business is still a loss of EUR 1 billion 291 million. However, thanks to the rapid growth of China's economy, PHILPS China has maintained a growth of nearly 20%, the first step in the transformation of the business can rely on lighting, PHILPS China has yet to be tested in the market.