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Outdoor Waterproof LED Linear Light, LED Wall Washer Lamp
Jul 14, 2016

Product Description

    AC 220V / 24V 1000mm * 65mm * 70mm 30W 30PCS RGB Wall Washer LED Lights Lamp Fixture 30° 
DMX available

Places of Application: 
Mainly used in new concept lighting, part lighting, focus lighting, flood lighting to make architecture, such as classic or modern architectures, bridges, temples, churches, cultural centers outstanding. 

Structural features
High-intensive LED light source, high luminous efficacy, 
Standard LED lens provide accurate light distribution and even luminance. `
Patent heat dissipation technology to control LED working temperature, which can extend the luminous efficacy and life span. 
Installation of lamp fixture and installation of supplying power won't cause LED color deviaton because of single attenuation and voltage drop. 
Can be single color or RGB mixed color as per request, has independent DMX interface, when insert DMX control signal, will emerge moving, smooth color change. 

Light and handy, easily set up and exquisite appearance