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Newest UFO LED Highbay Lighting
Jul 14, 2016

Unique designed optical light distribution can focus the light to the lighting area, improving the luminaire efficiency, replace traditional HID lamps.

The wire is made of flame retardant cable which reaching 90VO grade. Wire in blue (AC input wire), brown, (AC input wire) and lime-green( earth wire).
1. Philips & Nichia leds and Meanwell driver, high quality and efficiency, reliable.
2. High luminous efficiency, can reach 130lm/w, 30% brighter than traditional lamps.
3. Life span time is up to 50000 hours.
4. Installation types: loop hanging/ceiling mounting
5. No pollution, no radiation, anti-corrosion, excellent heat sink.
6. IP65 waterproof performance.

Widely used in warehouse; industrial production workshop; pavilion; stadium; the train 
station; shopping malls; gas stations, airport and other indoor lighting.