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MC031V IP65 Microwave Motion Sensor For Wareshouse
Jun 25, 2016


IP65 Microwave Motion Sensor For warehouse

The MC031V sensor is innovative and active motion detector with HF system 5.8GHz. Motion can be detected through plastic, glass and thin non-metal materials, expcept the higher mounting height 15m Max.

The sensor allow energy saving without compromising comfort, When used in combination with 1-10v dimmable LED drivers or ballasts, they can achieve 3-step dimming function, whihc is perfect for use in some areas that requires a light change notice before totally switch off.

Also, the 1-10v interface in the sensors can mathc up with Merrytek stand-alone daylight sensor MS01, and implement daylight harvesting, means the lighting system has automated controls that eighter turn off or dim artificial light in response to the available daylight in the space