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LED steady growth in overall demand, packaging downstream applications show a new trend
Mar 23, 2017

Global packaging output growth picked up to 5%, China has become a manufacturing center LED

The global LED package $15 billion 300 million, growth to pick up to 5% in Europe and the United States, Japan and other foreign manufacturers dominate the high-end market, China's LED has a late start, has gradually become a global LED packaging manufacturing center, 2015 China output share reached 21%, ranked first in the world for the first time, it is expected that the proportion will further improve in the next 2~3 years. At the same time, LED packaging industry concentration continues to improve, leading enterprises to enhance the profitability of packaging.

LED lighting, small spacing driven by the steady growth of the overall demand for LED

In 2016, LED chip package and lighting several rounds of price increases, in 2017 the chip leader Sanan optoelectronics, fired the starting gun price package leading Linsen, highlighting the pattern of supply and demand determine the improvement of LED industry. LED packaging downstream demand patterns: Lighting + display accounted for more than downstream applications 2/3. 2016 global LED lighting market size of $34 billion 600 million penetration rate of only 31%, in 2017 the global LED lighting market penetration is expected to exceed 36%, the growth rate of more than 20%, the wisdom of the industry continued to stimulate the overall demand for lighting. 2017 small spacing LED display market growth of more than 50%, the overall supply and demand continued to boom. Global LED Backlight Market by a slight decline in OLED alternatives, backlight production capacity to accelerate the transfer to china.

LED packaging downstream applications show a new trend.

high bay light K1

According to the set of state consulting LED Research Center (LEDinside) related reports, in 2015 the total number of external lighting with LED reached 2 billion 790 million, is expected in 2020 there will be a total of 3 billion 670 million, of which the number of far and near light LED packaging CAGR up to 23%. UVC LED application market is gradually expanding, it is estimated that in 2016 UVC LED sterilization and purification applications market value of $28 million in 2021 will reach $257 million, an annual compound growth rate of up to 56%. The rise of the Internet of things infrared LED demand, estimated to 2020 IR LED output value will reach $710 million, an annual compound growth rate of 24%. Micro LED products are still at an early stage, apple and Sony are vigorously promoting, while many foreign manufacturers are also actively developing, is expected in 2017 is expected to have commercial products come out.

Enhance the concentration of domestic LED package, optimistic about the industry leading enterprises

M.L.S.: absolute leading LED package, the current production capacity has more than 42000kk/ months, is expected 2016 revenue exceeded 5 billion, ranked first in domestic, industry oligopoly appeared; and the success of the acquisition period Langdewansi great strides in developing overseas market since 2016, mergers and acquisitions, capital operation and related investment amounted to 13 billion 400 million yuan, while in the lighting, chips and other fields have invested heavily layout.

Nationstar: small spacing lamp industry leading quality, small spacing production capacity has reached 1200kk/ months, by the end of 2017 is expected to reach 2000kk/ months. The company is one of the leading enterprises in the domestic packaging industry, benefit from the LED trend of warming, small spacing lamp needs outbreak, with fast growth ability. The company highlights the integration of industrial chain effect: chip subsidiary successfully developed vertical flip chip chip, violet and other international advanced technology, and investment in the United States chip companies, the layout of the next generation of semiconductor technology; with the downstream rising capital platform, together with FSL.