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IPhone 8 to determine the use of OLED screen, Samsung intends to supply this year, block 72 million
Apr 25, 2017

After the evaluation of the Research Institute Galaxy S8 screen gives the conclusion that the current smart phone in the best screen, which also explains why Apple from the side of the iPhone switch to OLED camp.

Now, South Korean media reported that Apple has been given, with Samsung on practical cooperation, the exclusive supply iPhone 8 to OLED (OLED screen screen assembly will start in May), the screen display is better.

In addition, UBI Research analysts also received the insider revealed that the use of iPhone 8 OLED screen, the screen proportion reached 100% (S8 proportion of the screen is 83.6%), it also means that Apple's Home key integrated on the screen, of course, before there was news that Apple will be placed behind the fingerprint recognition.

This year, apple and mobile phone manufacturers to grab resources is certain, and their advantages are very large. Samsung currently has a monopoly on the supply of mobile OLED screen, while the South Korean media stressed that Samsung plans this year for Apple's supply of 72 million flexible OLED screen.