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Engaged in the LED industry for many years these basic knowledge do you understand?(C part)
Mar 19, 2017

Light source: HID light and electrical installation must match, good must be installed on the lamp holder, the installation can not hand the company's products are equipped with light source, a pair of disposable film gloves in each set of lamps, light source for installation;

Light and electrical facilities: A, no American Standard and European standard of sodium lamp metal halide lamp; B, 150W does not distinguish between American Standard and European standard, and use the same lamp electrical components; C, 250W and 400W metal halide lamp is divided into American Standard and European standard, in strict accordance with the requirements of the wiring and electric light source collocation;

The installation of waterproof joints: all waterproof joints of the lamps must be tightened waterproof joints, if necessary, in the waterproof joint into the hole position requirements on the glass or silicone rubber;

Protection level description: IPXX said dustproof waterproof, the first X is dustproof, the second said waterproof. Specific definitions in the product catalog.

Brief description of protection level

0 no protection no special protection

1 drip drip (vertical drip) should be no harmful effects

215 degree drop when the shell from the normal position in the tilt of 15 degrees or less, the vertical drop without harmful effects

3 anti shower water and vertical 60 degrees within the scope of the water without harmful effects

4 water splash splash in any direction without harmful effects

5 spray water in any direction without harmful effects

6 prevent violent waves when the waves or strong water spray, the water into the shell does not reach harmful levels

7 prevent the effect of water immersion on the pressure and the time when the lamp shell immersed in water, the water into the shell does not reach the harmful level

8 the impact of diving can be long-term conditions according to the manufacturer's conditions

Symbolic text and symbols:

Rated maximum ambient temperature: t a 0C

Hz: A: V AC: AC DC: DC power: W (Watt)

Classification according to the form of protection against electric shock: I class: no sign symbol:

GB specifications: China's national standard for lighting products are GB7000 series, corresponding to the IEC60598 series (EN60598 series). From May 1, 2003 onwards, all in electrical and electronic products sales Chinese market, the implementation of the system of compulsory certification mark China, "" name "certification marks China compulsory certification" (English name "China Compulsory Certification", English abbreviation "CCC", also referred to as the "3C" logo). 3C certification includes electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements. In the lighting lamps, III lamps without 3C certification mark corresponding to the I and II classes, such as no 3C and CQC certification marks, but the electrical part of it must require the corresponding 3C certification mark to sales in the Chinese market.

3C certification marks are commonly used in four kinds: safety certification mark; safety and electromagnetic compatibility mark, fire certification mark, electromagnetic compatibility mark.

Maintenance items:

Project electrical wiring light source solution

1 good bad to hear or see sibil light blinking light source is installed is good or not, or to replace the light source

2 good bad no sound electrical components do not need to re heating the wiring

3 bad good no sound electrical components heat to replace the corresponding heating appliances, such as rectifier or trigger