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Chinese Academy of Sciences to break through the key technologies of efficient LED chips and materials
Mar 27, 2017

In the "11th Five-Year" National 863 plan new material projects supported by Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of semiconductors and the "efficient nitride LED and chip" key technology innovation team project, through technology transfer, radiation and personnel training and international exchanges and cooperation etc., the introduction of advanced technology, digestion and absorption and innovation, so as to improve the Chinese semiconductor lighting industry's international competitiveness, promote the implementation of China semiconductor lighting project. The subject has recently passed the acceptance.


"Key technology innovation", LED nitride materials and chip team, made a positive exploration in personnel training and team building, through the strengthening of scientific and technological innovation team management, the introduction of a number of national people plan, China Academy of Sciences "and" National Outstanding Youth winner, cultivating scores young people, the formation of interdisciplinary, with cutting-edge exploration and engineering, the industrial background of the high level of semiconductor lighting talent team of hundreds of people.

According to the great demand of energy saving and emission reduction China, "key technology of efficient nitride LED and chip innovation team built from semiconductor lighting major equipment, material epitaxy, chip development to the high power chip testing and analysis of the complete flexible semiconductor lighting technology platform, with R & D capabilities and engineering demonstration ability flexible.

The innovative team also formed a series of independent intellectual property rights of the important research results, and developed the relevant technical standards. In the first breakthrough in key technologies to China nitride based semiconductor epitaxial growth and doping, verification, design and mechanism of chip testing and packaging structure, more than 150lm/w LED to realize efficient luminescence; China first 300nm fluorescence light deep UV UVLED devices were prepared successfully, and the realization of the device power MW the first stage output; development Chinese 48 MOCVD prototype is developed, the third party testing, Gan epitaxial device, the performance index has reached the international level of similar equipment MOCVD.