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British study: LED technology can diagnose early cataract
Mar 18, 2017

(Heriot-Watt University) study found that a LED technology can check out the early cataract, is expected to advance the treatment of cataract patients, as well as reduce medical resources.

Edinburgh and Biosciences, Ltd, LED, University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, Sweden and Denmark are working to develop the technology. The fluorescent signal of the technology can help clinicians detect a lens, to record and track the continuous formation of cataract, and diagnose whether patients should receive treatment.

Professor Rory, of Heriot-Watt University, said: "this technique does not need to wait until the formation of cataracts, and can be detected before cataract, and take preventive measures Duncan. "In general, cataract patients often have blurred vision before they receive treatment.

Because cataract is often a complication of type one or two diabetes, this technique can significantly reduce the risk of diabetes through early detection of cataracts. In addition, the research team believes that this LED technology can change through the lens, detect the disease in their lifestyle and environment is presented under the "real age" rather than physiological age.

The research team will conduct further tests in pigs, the non invasive treatment technology to promote the progress of.