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Aluminium RGB Linear LED Halogen Lamp for Project Use
Jul 14, 2016

Product Description
Architecture and Landscape Lighting / 36*0.2W LED Wall Washer
made by 36 PCS of 0.2W 5050 SMD, with super brightness and low power consumption. Consist of 36PCS LED. Color changing, strobe, chasing from Pixel to Pixel, speed adjustment, etc. RGBW color mixing, HIS color mixing, over 16 million colors. Very good for TV center, stage, events, disco bar, home party, club, etc. 

Mid-power SMD LEDs 0.2W each
Flicker free, with strobe/gradual change/color change/water effect inbuilt programs; 
Switch power, good for LED working. 
Protection rate: IP65
5/9/16 DMX channels options. 
With waterproof air valve to balance pressure, get rid of mosuisture on glass innerface.