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2019 apple iPhone new models will switch to OLED panel?
Mar 23, 2017

Apple (Apple) is expected in 2017 on sale of the new iPhone is rumored to have 3, 2 of them will use the liquid crystal panel, 1 using the OLED panel. According to the latest news came out, Apple plans to increase the proportion of the use of the OLED panel, the target in 2019 will be iPhone new models to switch to the OLED panel.

IPhone Mania taisy.0, the Japanese website quoted the Korean media the bell reported that 6 day pointed out that according to the relationship between the industry sources, apple is expected this year (2017) the launch of the new iPhone products, about 40% (about 60 million) will use the OLED panel, and Apple will be in the next year (2018) to increase the proportion of double panel with OLED (to 80%), after the plan in 2019 will be iPhone all new models all change to the OLED panel.

Report also pointed out that apple is expected to launch this year's OLED version of iPhone with a soft board by Samsung motor (Samsung Electro-Mechanics), Interflex, BH of 3 Han factory supply, and in response to the demand from apple, South Korea soft board factory has started production investment.

According to reports, the current Samsung motor soft board monthly capacity of only about 90 thousand square meters, but Samsung Motors have been down 100 billion won amplified Vietnam factory capacity, if the expansion project goes smoothly, the monthly production capacity is expected to double Interflex; the factory China, Vietnam and South Korea combined soft board monthly capacity of 295 thousand square meters, and Interflex plans later this year to 100 billion won resorted to increase investment; in addition, BH by factories in Vietnam, will increase investment has soft monthly production capacity increased to 220 thousand square meters.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported in November 28th last year, according to informed sources, most of the early apple OLED panel will rely on Samsung supply, but Apple has asked the LG Display (LGD), Japan Display Inc (JDI) and SHARP (Sharp) production capacity to supply the OLED panel to apple in 2018; one insider pointed out that SHARP in order to meet the demand of OLED, Apple may have hit $5 billion (about 560 billion yen) investment.

The Daily News reported on February 17th that Xia Puzheng consider the construction of wisdom in Chinese OLED mobile phone panel production factory, the factory site contains may have Foxconn iPhone assembly plant in Henan province Zhengzhou City, the scale of investment is expected to thousands of billion yen, but also consider the contribution of the Foxconn OLED panel factory. Reported that, in order to compete with Chinese manufacturers and other orders, the SHARP OLED panel production time may be ahead of the original plan in 2019.

MacRumors, 9to5Mac reports, it is understood that apple is working with the BOE (BOE) to discuss the supply of OLED panel, may be available to the 2018 iPhone. It is revealed that Apple has been on the BOE's OLED panel test for several months, but has not yet decided whether to let JD.COM become a supplier.